Values Week: Jams

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After the kick-off on Monday, we couldn’t be more excited for what’s planned for the rest of the week. Whilst we’re not chatting with each other, we’re listening to our jam-packed Values Week playlist. We couldn’t keep these jams to ourselves so tune in on what we’re listening to during Values Week!


Respect (@Hubo)

“Just a little bit” (but actually a lot!) of Respect. The title of this song says it all! We treat everyone we meet with respect and are always open to listen to someone else. Aretha only asked for a little bit, but you’ll find a bunch in our community! 



Inclusion (@dinomight)

The band is open to anyone! Seriously. Our team is A Place For Us all. We celebrate unique talents, interests, and backgrounds! Everyone is welcome in our team and no one should feel unseen or unheard.

CD_ Inclusion.png


Team Work (@Melody)

We’re always trying to make things... Better Together! We’re a team and help other stars to shine as bright as they can! Jack Johnson tells us one thing: “it’s always better when we’re together”!

CD_ Team Work.png


Support (@Peter)

At the core of the Rock Star Program is Support! We’re happy to help and uplift the people of the Spotify Community and each other: People Help The People! Whether, we help out someone with the Spotify app or give awesome playlist suggestions: helping is what we do! 

CD_ Support.png


Fun (@Emilia_8)

As Shuggie Otis says: jumping, laughing, smiling, having fun! And that’s how we roll! We’re Rock Stars because it’s fun to do and we sure do love to have fun! 

CD_ Fun.png


Responsibility (@Emil)

We give a 100% Yes to responsibility! We try our best to set a good example and we have a responsibility to represent the Community, the Rock Star Program and Spotify the best we can!

CD_ Responsibilty.png


And there's much more to love.. check out all the tunes in the Values Week: Jams playlist.


We’re all excited for more days of fun and cool things ahead and can’t wait to share more with you! Keep an eye on the Community Blog for the latest of Values Week. Feel like joining the Rock Star band? Check out the Rock Star-hub.

Thanks @MattSuda for the cover image and all folks that contributed! 🙂