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Views of the Stars

Views of the Stars

Spotify Star
Spotify Star

As you might know, the Spotify Stars cover almost every part of the globe. 🌍 We’ve shared stunning views with each other in our group chat, and we’d love to share some of the highlights with you. In this blog, the Stars are sharing a photo they’re proud of with a song that matches the vibe. We got a couple of new people to introduce you to as well, which we’re really excited about! Let’s jump right in!


While this is just another day at work @StompingLlama, we are totally in awe of this lovely shot taken far in the woods of Snohomish, Washington. This mysterious place which, as @StompingLlama describes it, feels like it has some supernatural vibes around. 






Next up is a stunning view from @RebeckaL. She comes along great sights almost every day! Here’s one of her favorite photos, taken about five years ago. Believe it or not: it’s taken at 10:58 p.m. in Swedish summer! During Swedish summer it can be light outside for 24 hours a day!





She tells us: “Every time I look at this photo, I remember the feeling I had at that very moment. I was walking along a gravel road, hearing every step I took because everything else was so quiet. The lake was completely still and looked like a was a beautiful evening sky and everything just felt so calm and in peace.”


She shares this song with us ; but with a small tweak: “Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong, north of Sweden..." 😉


@MateusM visited Ilhabela in São Paulo and was able to capture this beautiful sunset! Ilhabela translated means “Beautiful Island” and I totally get why it’s named that way! Loving this shot!






@Xenia couldn’t pick just one, and I can’t disagree! She had this first view when she lived in a small town on the Moselle. It’s in a valley surrounded by vineyards and a thick forest. Every morning the hills would be shrouded in mist. Xenia used to call it her Fangorn woods because it looked so eerie and mysterious.




The second and her most favorite view is the sea! Basically any sea will do, no matter what time of day or if it’s summer or winter. Here’s a nice shot taken in a bay in Croatia a few years ago. Very lovely and quiet holiday resort - although she went there off-season, so that might’ve been why no one else was there. 






Pula, Croatia


Xenia said of her sea photo: “The forests on the cliffs were inhabited by loads of little lizards - they were practically everywhere.” 🦎


Over to @TreyAnastasio, where he shares one of his favorite shots with some wildlife. 







@TreyAnastasio has fond memories of wandering around Golden Gate Park in the  summer of 2015 and taking photos of the birds that he saw. On one particular day, he was lucky to spot these Acorn Woodpeckers congregating in a cavity in a eucalyptus tree. Acorn Woodpeckers are quite a rare sight in Golden Gate Park so it’s great to have them captured on camer

Want to see more photos or share some photos you took yourself? Check out @Soundofus's fun challenge here:


Big shoutout to @LeslieF for helping me out!