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The year is wrapping up. Which means, you guessed it, it’s time for our annual Year in Music aka Wrapped Campaign.


Starting today you can find your personal Year in Music at . You can also access personal playlists at


Wrapped 2017.png



Emails promoting the campaign will be heading out soon, but don’t worry if you didn’t receive one–you can still access your personal stats at and playlists at



Of course we understand you might have a few questions about this year’s Wrapped Campaign, so we’ve outlined a comprehensive FAQ for you below:


FAQs about Wrapped


Q: Will the playlists disappear at some point, even if I follow them?

A: The playlists won’t disappear, we support them like any other playlist.


Q: What’s the link for the browse hub?

A: or spotify:special:2017


Q: What criteria do you need to meet to get your personal data on the Wrapped website?

A: You listened to 5 different artists, 30 different tracks, and 60 minutes of music from Jan 1 - Nov 1.


Q: What criteria do you need to meet to receive the personalized playlist “The Ones That Got Away” in Browse?

A:  You listened to 5 different artists, 30 different tracks, and 60 minutes of music from Jan 1 - Nov 1.


Q: What criteria do you need to meet to receive the personalized playlist “Your Top Songs 2017” in Browse?

A:  You listened to 5 different artists, 30 different tracks, and 60 minutes of music from Jan 1 - Nov 1.


Q: Is my ‘Your Top Songs Of 2017’ playlist in order of what I listened to most?

A: It is for the most part, but it may be slightly mixed to help it flow better.


Q: My 2017 Wrapped year recap or Top Songs of 2017 playlist is wrong, I’m sure I didn’t listen to that music. Can you change them?

A: This can happen for a number of reasons:
- You share an account with someone else.

- You often leave Spotify playing in the background--it can be easy to miss what’s playing
- You’ve left your account available at a party/gathering, where people can add tracks to play

Gig Goer

I listened to ovef 56,000 minutes of music!!! That means 10% of the year I was listening to music... Counting the time I am in class and asleep, that's pretty crazy!!!


My playlist must be wrong, It has Gorillaz as my top artist when I stopped listening to them regularly around april.


Hello, which period does count for the personal top artists / top songs playlists? Music I listened to in november and december, is it also included in the stats?


There’s no stats at all... Take back the one from 2015 or atleast 2016... 



 Look at my top artist names. Other than Blink 182, never heard of the rest. They also don't appear on Spotify. Can someone help?


It’s told me there isn’t enough data to make my wrapped 2017 but I’m sure I listened to 30 songs by 5 different artists this year?? How do I fix it 


I started to follow my playlist 2017 in music, but it doesnt appear in my profile. How can i fix it? 


Do podcasts factor in the minute count?

If not, I listened to a whole lot more music than I thought I did...


Is Spotify counting playing time and song If you are in offline mode?


hey finally it works now !!! reddit found a way and it's ok.


I love to see my music statistics, I wish you'd allow us to see it anytime we want, not only in a specific period of time...


How can I look at mine again? I want to screenshot it but when I go back to and sign in it just keeps loading. 


Can i customize the personal data of listened music? I want to see the results from Jan 1 to the end of December


Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 1.29.17 PM.pngMy 2017 wrapped gets stuck, no matter where i try to do it from, anyone had this problem?


Screenshot_2017-12-07-00-32-56-44.pngI've been trying to log in several times but it keeps on loading the whole time, i cant access 2017wrapped from either my mobile phone or my pc, can anyone help?



Do total minutes listened include offline listening?

Casual Listener

In my opinion are not enough information/ statistics at the review. I don´t care how many songs I skipped...  I want to know how often and much I listen to my favourite musicians and songs! 

I was interested in the review but it was diasappointing.


The playlist was good.


my 2017wrapped was wrong, an artist did not like me and I do not hear it "xxxtentacion"


I have a question... Does it only count music you listened to on your playlist you created? My TOP 100 playlist/ other stuff did not include Logic and I deadass listened probably atleast 75 hours+ in the past couple weeks


Just wanted to know if there's somewhere where I can check all the artists I listenes to. It says I listened to 621 artists, but that does seem to be a tad too much for me.