Your 2018 Wrapped

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Your 2018 Wrapped

The year is wrapping up, which means (yep, you guessed it) it’s time to relive your year in music with Wrapped.


Starting December 6th, you can find your top songs of 2018, as well as playlist of songs from genres and artists your don’t normally explore - but we think you’ll like. To get yours, head here: You can also check your personal listening habits for the year at


We understand you might have a few questions about Wrapped 2018, so we’ve outlined a comprehensive FAQ for you below:


Q: Where can I get my Top Songs of 2018 playlist?

A: Just head here

The "Your Top Songs 2018" playlist should be in Your Library > Made For You. If you are not seeing the playlist, please head over here to let us know the playlist is missing. 


Q: What date are the emails being sent out?

A: On December 6th, but if you didn’t get one just head to to get all of your personal listening habits.


Q: Why didn't I get an email with the number of minutes I streamed this year? Can I still get one?

A: The email was only sent to those who have their email notifications turned on. We’re not able to send it again, but you can check the number of minutes you streamed this year at


Q: What date range does the data in the Wrapped website cover?

A: January 1st to October 31st. Listening after this time won’t be taken into account.


Q: Will the playlists disappear at some point, even if I follow them?

A: The playlists won’t disappear, they will be supported like any other playlist.


Q: If I sign up for Spotify now, can I get a 2018 Wrapped?

A: Unfortunately not. You would have had to have been a Spotify member before November 1st, but if you sign up now you can listen to the best content of 2018 on the Wrapped hub and start streaming now to get a 2019 Wrapped experience.


Q: Is my ‘Your Top Songs Of 2018’ playlist in order of what I listened to most?

A: It is for the most part, but it may be slightly mixed to help it flow better.


Q: My 2018 Wrapped year recap or Top Songs of 2018 playlist is wrong, I’m sure I didn’t listen to that music. Can you change them?

A: This can happen for a number of reasons:

- You share an account with someone else.

- You often leave Spotify playing in the background--it can be easy to miss what’s playing.

- You’ve left your account available at a party/gathering, where people can add tracks to play.
If you believe none of the above happened please let us know in this Ongoing Issues page: "Inaccurate Wrapped 2018 Top Songs Playlist".


Q: What criteria do I need to meet receive the personalized playlist “Your Top Songs 2018” in Browse?

A: You need to have listened to at least 5 different artists, 30 different tracks, and 60 minutes of music before Oct 31, 2018.


Q: Why can't I view the Wrapped 2018 page?

A: Try opening the page in another web browser or incognito browsing session. If the page is still blank please let us know here: "Spotify Wrapped page does not load".


If the page is not blank but is hard to read let us know here: "Wrapped 2018 page diffcult to read". 


Q: Why does my friend have more pages on the Wrapped 2018 website?

A: Depending on how much data we have gathered about your listening behavior, you might have more or less pages than another person. 



You can always go to the wrapped hub to listen to the best music of 2018:


If you have any questions or if you're having any issues with your Wrapped experience, please head to the relevant Community Help board for your device. We're here to lend a hand!


Mine are wrong as well. I do not share my Spotify account (nor do I ever leave songs playing in the background), and my top 100 songs of 2018 are still wrong. The songs that are on this playlist are songs I have listened to in the past but probably only once (but most are songs I've listened only a few seconds).


Here is my 2018 Wrapped (which is accurate):



And here is the playlist Spotify made for me...



The only song on here that should be included in this playlist is "99 Luftballoons," but it should be placed much lower on the playlist. I have only played the other songs partially or once/twice.


Very disappointed since I look forward to this every December. Is there a way to update/fix this playlist?

Casual Listener

I wonder why my Wrapped has only 9 pages, instead of the usual 12 pages I'm seeing all my friends have, with some info such as the zodiac sign and others. Why is it so?


I'm just here to ditto what everyone else's comments have said - my "top songs" playlist is completely different from my listed top artists and top songs on the wrapped summary. I listen to spotify constantly, so I'm extremely familiar with my listening habits. I don't share an account with anyone and I haven't been to any parties where "I'll Cry" by Juanita Stein would've been a big hit....... so clearly something messed up on this years playlist. I love to play the same songs over and over again and none of them made the cut.... please fix this because this is my favorite spotify feature and I look forward to it every year !!!


By the way, I checked my frequently played playlists to see if maybe I just wasn't listening to these artists before Oct. 31st and maybe that's why they didn't make the playlist. But I've had Shakey Graves (my top artist) on playlists since February on this year and he didn't make the playlist at all, so it's not a timing issue


I don't really understand why 3 of the 5 songs listed as my Top Songs on Spotify Wrapped don't even make my Your Top Songs 2018 playlist. I'm 100% confident I haven't listened to all the other songs on that list enough to bump songs 1, 2 & 5 off the list completely.

What is the reason for this?


I also have the same problem of an inaccurate Top 100 for 2018. I am very disappointed as I look forward to this playlist every year. My top 100 does not contain any of my favourite songs but it contains songs I have listened to maybe once or twice this year ? This is not an issue of "leaving the spotify tab open" or "someone else  having my password" because on the website... It displays my correct 5 fav songs which should be on the playlist, but instead I have songs which I would not have listened to even 10 times. 


I am in the minority as my 2018 Wrapped seems about right.


My only issue is that my friends and family are able to see how many different songs and how many different artists they have listened to this year and I cannot. 


Please could you help?




Most of my friends are able to see the slide that tells the most common zodiac sign of the artists they listened to, but I can’t see that and I only have 8 slides. Hopefully it’s updated thanks!!


My Top 2018 Songs Playlist is also completely wrong. It has songs and artists I have never even heard of and none of my top 5 songs or artists from "Wrapped". I tweeted Spotify and they claim there is nothing they can do, but I find that hard to believe. Please fix. I am so disappointed. 


Yes agree with the rest of you, 2018 Top Songs seems to be a complete fail by Spotify.  Enjoyed this playlist a lot the last couple of years, but most of the songs on my list were rarely played, if at all. 




the 2018 wrapped data will be produced by an algorithm which is the same for everyone. It says in the FAQ’s why they may not always be accurate - mine was like yours last year, just bad luck. 


However, there’s no way Spotify could or even would amend every playlist for people who weren’t happy with their lists. 


The songs on your our list are the ones you played most on your Spotify - just that it probably happened when you were asleep or when it played in the background. Better luck next year. 


I havent even heard of my oldest song, also is there a way to delete playlists I've listened to. Sometimes I use my phone at work to play those playlists but that's not music I actually listen to. Also the top genre seems wrong especially when you take into account the genres of my most played songs and artists. And one of the artists is very wrong. I've listened to a lot of bands more than that one. I don't understand what got messed up. Last year it was awesome.

Casual Listener

I am dissapointed my top 5 is wrong. I don't even know who Kevy Stubs is or Dj Biz. Plus my top songs is wrong too. I've never listened to these songs. Ugh!!!



Casual Listener

I honestly wish they had one of these but it combined every platform you use (spotify, apple, soundcloud, etc.)




It is alright that we can't change it for this year as everyone's Spotify Wrapped has already been made, but I would make a suggestion to improve this amazing feature -- truly such a great idea! -- for next year. After talking to a lot of other Spotify users, it appears that people who listen to music in the background for various reasons have very distorted lists of their top artists, top songs, and top genres. Some examples I have heard are people who use ASMR to fall asleep at night and it continues playing into the night, people who listen to classical/instrumental/electric/etc. while reading or studying, a friend who is a teacher that uses Spotify to play music for her students, anyone who predominantly uses it to listen to Podcasts or news, and so on. It was a bit of a bummer to open up my Spotify Wrapped and see that it listed specific tracks from ASMR playlists that I listened to rather than the songs and artists I had actively sought out and been jazzed about throughout the year. If the algorithm separated non-standard uses of Spotify and made them into their own category people wouldn't have this issue.


Thank you! 

  • I have my spotify wrapped playlist that I can listen to but when I go to and log into my account to look at the details of my listening it always freezes on the first page. Nothing loads and its a black screen. I just want to see my listening details/history!

None of the songs from one of my top played artists are on my Top 100 playlist. There are a few other songs that I know I played more than some of the songs that did make it on there. Is there any way to fix this?


Just wanted to add in that my Wrapped Up Page is also inaccurate compared to the play list that was made. The image actually has one of the songs on there twice, and missing an artist that i listened to way more than the others. Was really looking forward to this at the end of the year, now im just disappointed. 


Just like alot of the other people commenting here, my top 2018 playlist was completely wrong. My top five songs from the 2018 wrapped list weren't even on the playlist. There was probably only one song on the playlist that I felt might actually belong on my top songs for this year. But for the rest of the songs on the playlist I have either listened to them a couple times this year or I have never listened to once in my life (yet alone this year). With regards to Spotify's reasons why the playlist might be wrong; I do not share an account with someone else; I am still pretty aware of the songs I play in the background as they are more often than not from one of my playlists, yet practically none of those songs can be found in my top 2018 playlist; and this year I have not used my own account to play songs at a party. I don't know what went wrong with the playlist, but clearly it is a problem quite a few people are facing. As with the past couple years I was really looking forward to my top 2018 playlist, so it was really dissapointing to see it completely wrong. 


recently, stpotify just make the spotify wrapped and the top 100 songs playlist consist of the songs that we listened the most. but weirdly the playlist that spotify created for me consist songs that i rarely listened. there are also songs that i never heard before. and i did not share my account with anyone and i never leave my spotify playing in the background or left my account anywhere. compare to the 2017 which accurately consist of the songs that i played the most, the 2018 playlist is a bummer


I'm just gonna add to the noise here. I am having the same problem. This is the third year that Spotify has done the end of the year "Wrapped" playlist with all of your Top Songs that you listened to. And I now look forward to seeing what my top songs are gonna be. The last two years I have tried figuring out what my top song is gonna be and I like seeing if I'm right or way off and laugh about it. This year though it was an artist that I barely listened to and definitely not even one of the songs from the artist that I actually listened to. The artists for the most part are correct but the songs are not even close. Some of these songs I've never even listened to. I'm a little disappointed because I found it so fun and it's great to see what I was obsessed with that year. I was thinking it was going to be "Je Cours" by Felix Dyotte or something from Sigur Ros but it was 'Runaway' by Aurora. She's great but I don't really listen to her or even that song. I hope it gets fixed. I would love to know what I actually listened too the most.