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A question about syncing local files between devices

A question about syncing local files between devices




Desktop, Pixel 3

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Windows 10


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Hi! I was a premium member several years ago. My main reason for leaving was I wanted a service that allowed the upload of my own purchased albums to fill the void for songs/albums not available on the streaming service. For a few years I found this in Google Play Music, and honestly it was great. However since it became discontinued and switched over to Youtube Music, I have found that a lot of the basic functionality I've come to expect from a streaming service is quite lacking.


I was interested in coming back to Spotify premium, but was curious if any improvements in this area have been made. If I have a song on my desktop for example, can the song be uploaded and played to the app on my TV or tablet? Furthermore, if I upload an album from an artist that exists on Spotify, does this album appear for me under the artist or are all of the songs just dumped into the "local files" folder and not organized at all?


Any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Here you are hope this helps!

Hey there @Denzy,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community. We'll be happy to provide you with some more info.


Also thanks to @streetbike420 for the informational video.


We have more detailed info about how to upload local files to the app here.


To answer your other questions - it's possible to sync local files to a mobile device that includes mobile and tablet, but the feature is not available on TVs yet. You can vote here for this idea.


As for adding the songs under the artist category - you can leave your +Vote here, hopefully we'll see that feature in the future.


Hope this info was useful. We'll be here if you need help with anything else.

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