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Acid Jazz Track ID

Acid Jazz Track ID

Velvet Madrid used to to be called Reina Bruja and had a flash based website that emulated the color changing of the venue with I believe 3 tracks on the website that you could choose from. One every so often echoes in my head and can't ever find it which makes it more difficult since they've changed their name and website to Velvet. I've contacted them on a couple occasions but received no response.

The song:
- Lush Synth pad with subtle flanger in the intro, then leads into a spoken word before a chorus
- Lyrics that I remember are with a female vocalist and roughly have lyrics of "It's a little late.... Every time I pass the day, I think about your face" in the chorus.
- Includes a soulful verse section

That's all I have for now. Anyone familiar with this and could help ID this song?
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