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Adds based on music you like

Adds based on music you like

Plan: Free

Country: Bolivia

Device: Samsung Galaxy A30, MAC mini, HP Envy

Operating System: iOS 11,2, Android 10, Windows 10

My Question or Issue

For me and I believe most of Free Plan users, it's a vulgarity have adds of music we don't listen, from genders we don't like.

Me for example, I listen to Rock and Metal music a lot, and every time a reggaeton, salsa or other sort of adds sound, I feel disturbed and it's a headache.

With the information you retrieve from us, from what we listen to, you should be able to filter adds, so you give the user what they want (or at least what they will listen/read to), it is a common trend these days. Please consider adapt this trend, like google, facebook or other services, for sure your adds will have more impact, and your app will become less hated.

1 Reply

Hey! I hope you're doing well.


I agree with you that it's a great idea and would enhance your experience having Ads tailored specifically on your Music Taste. A similar idea has been suggested in the past and I'd recommend that you check out Spotify's answer here


For future reference, you can always feel free to share your suggestions and check for updates on the Ideas Board. It's a great place to speak up about how Spotify could be improved. 😃 

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