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Adele - 25

Adele - 25

Will Adele - 25 be avaiable since Fryday (20/11) ? Or will be avaiable later like other albums (Vulnicura, 21..) ?


Thank you

7 Replies

Considering the speed that 'Hello' was released on Spotify, I'm pretty sure 25 will be available on Friday, if not, a few days later.


I cannot confirm this though.

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Unfortunately it is not available on Spotify. You can find many news articles on it.



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We're working on it, and we hope that we'll have 25 available on Spotify very soon.

Community Ergo Sum

Good morning everyone,


 I decided to write to explain why I am so fed up about some artists! What a surprise to discover this morning that one of my favourite singer doesn't want to share a music on streaming platforms...another one.. Are we really talking about artists salary when people pay for once their songs at a raisonable price (regarding customers at least). Music industry has to change if they want people to follow and not pirate and so do the artists!! Thanks again for punishing every time the same ones...

Today Adele (and others before: Coldplay...) you made "streaming people" angry!!


Don't blame the artists. Just because piracy has become a trivial offense you have not the right (and hopefully not the power) to force them into your game. The industry as a whole is still strong and most artists depend on it too much for a living. This has not changed.


I think every artist has its own reason for publishing through Spotify or not. Maybe the share they get from our $10 / month (hmm... why do I have to pay much more in Switzerland?) is simply not enough for a living or they are bound to legal stuff. And don't forget, Spotify is part of the industry and last, but not least, you and me as the consumers, are part of the game too.


At least two of my favorite artists are not on Spotify and another one even left 😞 It's sad to have them not here, but all I can do is to contact them trough their agencies or official contacts and tell them I'm missing them on Spotify.


I'm totally with you, I would like to hear them on Spotify too, but to make that happen conditions must be established that are a win for all.

As i thoght... then No Spotify --> Download illegally. This is what they have when they no stream their music. 



To clarify things, I wasn't defending at all pirating, just implying that streaming platforms seem to represent a good solution to face it.

But I definitely agree with you

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