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Album content, REM's Reckoning in particular

Album content, REM's Reckoning in particular






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REM's second album was Reckoning, put out in 1984. They also released a deluxe edition that contains live cuts from various albums, some from Reckoning some from later albums. That's Reckoning deluxe edition and then right before it in the search results is what I would assume would be Reckoning the album as it was put out in 1984, because it doesn't have deluxe edition on it or any indication that it would be anything else.  However, it's pretty much the deluxe edition, a bunch of songs that were never on the album that were released years and years later on subsequent albums. Now, confusingly, scattered throughout the search results are all the singles that are on that album as it was in 1984, but nowhere in the results do you actually have the album as it was put out at the time.  I have a feeling that someone's made a mistake and just took the content for the Reckoning deluxe and associated it with the Reckoning album and it couldn't be a more egregious mistake because that album is superior from beginning to end and some of the cuts that are on this version of it don't belong in such esteemed company. I understand they're all REM songs and some of them aren't the best REM songs. So anyway, I wanted to listen to that album cuz I haven't heard it in quite some time however the only way I can listen to it would be to grab all the singles out of the search list, put them in the proper order that they were on the album and then listen to it, and that ain't cool! 


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