Algorithm !! mixes up Bands with the same name in recommendations

Algorithm !! mixes up Bands with the same name in recommendations

Hey Spotify-Community,

We have a special form of the "Artists with the same name" problem and would kindly ask you to help us fix this issue. 

Our Band Artist Link  is : (Heavy Metal /Prog Metal)


we got mixed up with a 60's Band with the same name^^  : (60's Rock)


The releases were done correctly and we have not been mixed up in terms of song or albums, you can see on the artits page. (So the usual help routine does not work) It is that the algorithm now always recommends our songs in 60's music playlists for some reason though. This is bad for the listeners and our ambition to gain new followers. (I attached an image to this mail to prove the point)


Please help

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Hi @Stormling!


Unfortunately there isn't a way to manually influence the algorithms as function autonomously and automatically, however, as your fans grow, they'll get adjusted based on what other bands your listeners also enjoy.


Hope this clears things up. The Community is always here if there's anything else you need assistance with.



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Thanks a lot... then have to go the hard way to fix this^^

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