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[All Platforms][Playlists] Curated playlists


I wish Spotify would have curated playlists. I love classical music, jazz and blues. I spend a lot time searching and selecting my kind of music. I think that curated lists would help a lot.

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Hey @jorromán, welcome to the Community!


Spotify has plenty of curated playlists made by various different musical minds. You can browse playlists by genre in the Browse section shown in the screenshot below. There is a wide range of styles including playlists of Jazz, Classical and Blues 😉


There are also many other curated playlists made by the community which can be found via Spotify's search bar, or here on the community in the Playlist Exchange!


Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.


Thanks and happy listening! 🙂



I really like Jazz, blues and rock from 50's and I think that Spotify working too much on commercial music and not in off on "classic" music. They have plenty of playlist for recent music but not for old good music.


Hey @Masta_22, there are plenty of curators from the community who are always posting playlists from every convievable style of music! I found this 50's Blues/Jazz/Rock playlist using the search function on Spotify.


You can also have a look in the Playlist Exchange where people are always sharing their songs!

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