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[All Platforms][Search] Clear Up Genre Clutter

[All Platforms][Search] Clear Up Genre Clutter

JRE is an extremely popular podcast, but why is it its own genre?  'Higher Ground' isn't even a genre at all - it's just a  random collection of podcasts and playlists.  And let's look at Instrumental: It isn't as much as a genre, mood, or style of music, but a type of music.  Instrumental basically means anything without lyrics in it.  There is more to instrumental music than just techno or experimental ambient space stuff - you have to consider the rock artists that release instrumental tracks, the wide variety of movie, video game, and TV show soundtracks - maybe we should merge it with Anime, Gaming/Video Games, and TV & Movies?  (Classical is too big and diverse of  a genre to be put on there anyways)  Maybe we could all make it a Soundtrack genre.  Maybe even a New Age genre.  Caribbean, Arab, Desi, Regional Mexican and (maybe) Latin could probably be part of a 'World Music genre', along with folk music.  And why are League of Legends and Pop Culture even genres?

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