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American Tail Soundtrack Now Available! (Ronstadt/Ingram "Somewhere Out There")

American Tail Soundtrack Now Available! (Ronstadt/Ingram "Somewhere Out There")

Hey, everybody!

The sountrack to "An American Tail" was long unavailable, and has recently become available on Spotify.  The reason this is news is because the song "Somewhere Out There" by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram was one of the highest-charting songs of the 1980s that was virtually unvailable on its own in non-physical format.  On iTunes or Spotify, the purchase is still "Album Only," so you have to buy "There Are No Cats in America" to obtain this major #2 hit.

That is now really alleviated by the soundtrack finally becoming available on Spotify.  Thanks, Spotify for working with Geffen/UMG to make it happen!  When did it happen?


Now you need to work on getting the Jack Wagner album "All I Need," another #2 80s hit that is virtually impossible to obtain in non-physical format.

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Seems to have disappeared again.... 😞

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