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An artist is on Spotify but I can’t play them

An artist is on Spotify but I can’t play them

I searched for the band The Blank Theory on the Desktop app but nothing showed up. I messaged the band and they were confused as they said they are on Spotify. They even showed me a screenshot of their Spotify page showing all their songs. Indeed I searched on Google and found their artist page which shows they exist and have 1,074 followers. Here’s the link to their artist page:


However, when I click "play" here on the web player nothing happens. In summary, **bleep** is going on here? The band is clearly on Spotify, I can’t find them in the Desktop app, however I can then find them in the web player when I Google, but I can't play any of their songs! Does anyone have an explanation for this?

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As you said the band is at spotify but they probably do not want to use the platform as a music player because of several reasons, on example was dave matthews band that has recently return to spotify after some months of not allowing the users to listen to their music at spotify, they also appeared as the band you are searching for.


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