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Block/Ban Artist.

Block/Ban Artist.

I would like to block/ban an artist from playing on my account. For example if I wanted to listen to the playlist "United States Top 50" and wanted to block/ban Artist Justin Bieber it would just skip that song and go to the next track. Is this possible? If not what is the best way to get this feature added?

Top Answer

Hey folks, 

Thanks for your comments and replies here.

The option 'Don't play this artist' is now available on iOS and Android.


You can also find more info on hiding individual tracks from playlists or albums here.


If you'd like to see this option available on desktop you can leave a +Vote here.

If we have any information about this on other platforms in the future, we'll report back!



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You can always post a new idea to be added to the Spotify service in the New Ideas area of the community here:, but there is already an idea like this that was proposed, and has a Status of Not Right Now. You can find the idea here:


In the meantime what you can do is just copy and paste those songs from any playlists you want to save the majority of those songs into your own playlist. Then click on the ARTIST column name which will show a green arrow pointing up, which should put the artists in an alphabetical listing from A-Z. Next find that artist or artists name of the content you do not want in a saved playlist, and then just delete those tracks from said playlist. After the songs are removed, click on the column named ARTIST that has the green arrow two more times, and the green arrow should be gone this will return the playlist back to manual sorting mode. If any green arrows are showing on the columns you will not be able to move tracks up and down the playlist like users want to do.

Thank you.

I would say that it is a copout to say not right now.

And after the free month I will cancel my subscription as this is a MANDATORY feature as long as I PAY.

@dtm421 Don't demand things, yah self-entitled millenial dimwit. You don't have that right and never will.

Any movement on this request? I'd like to ban an artist from my entire spotify app, 'ish' getting stuffed down my throat regardless of how many thumb-downs I give the guy. 

I don't know. I cancelled.

It is also a reason to me to quit again.


I never looked up a special artist. I never liked a song from this artist. I always switched over this artist but this artist comes up in every playlist I use for a playlist radio. I hate that artist.


After three songs the artist shows up latest in a playlist radio. I thumb it down, spotify doesn't care.


Why does spotify pushes the artist again and again into my music lists?

I am something one calls a "hsp" so I am very sensible toward music. It tortures me. So please put in some better filters or I have to quit.

Same here. I hate some artists but can't ban them. Why????


If I pay a premium price, I expect premium features. Just because I expect certain features to come standard doesn't make me entitled. You wouldn't pay $8000 for a car without air conditioning or power steering, why should I pay a premium price for software that lacks premium features? Kys you moronic, **bleep**-faced, **bleep** stain. Eat **bleep** and die.

Funniest part is now the artist I want to ban is registering as top 10 artists listened to because their AI can’t register the fact that I thumbs down his songs on all radio plays that get siphoned down my ears.

Honestly, they have a bigggggg AI coding issue going on. They can choose to ignore the few customers who actually care about their product quality, or burn when another service comes out with the option of blocking artists.

no matter how many times I "thumbs down" Katy F'ing Perry, she still pop's up ever 8th-10th song on Rihanna radio.... let me ban that b*itch already!

Just curious as to WHY spotify won't allow us to ban certain artists that we loathe? 

Are the artists paying-to-play?

The "solution" proposed by Spotify staff is a terrible idea and not a solution at all. The user wants to get the regular updates to said playlist (US Top 50) less one artist or two. It's a bad solution to have them copy a playlist ... which will then be less accurate every week. And eventually be irrelevant. Also, this kind of feature would work across playlists. It's time you (Spotify) acknowledge the paying users want to be able to filter out specific artists/genres.

This is an old request for a feature that the Spotify team ignores, and probably won't add for economical reasons.

The general music establishment has an agenda to push certain artists, whether we, as users like them or not (Play a song enough times, and people will start to like it).
And companies earn money if they can show statistics on how many times users have listened to these artists.
I would LOVE the feature to ban certain artists, and specific songs.
-If we're purely talking code, it's one of the simplest features to add.

Here is an old thread from 2012;
"[Music] Block / Hide / Blacklist Tracks or Artists"

Honestly, this is one of the reasons I don't think I could ever pay full price for this service. I primarily wish to use the radio feature which, without the ability to stop artists or songs showing up in it, is god-awful.

No matter how much it "Improves" the station I keep getting the same songs that I don't want to listen to and don't like in the first place.

Let's use a hypothetical; If i made an event/service that promised music that was catered to your taste of music and asked you to pay, then when you show up its all not what you like, then even if you express your dislike for the music I just shrugged and kept giving the same songs. You would want your money back and likely never use the service again.


There's definitely some issue with the logic behind what gets recommended, for example I liked a song by two artists; TWRP and NSP, so Spotify instead of assuming I like the type of song has decided i must like TWRP. Even if I dislike the songs recommended that just have TWRP it doesn't even think to recommend the second singer NSP it just seems to assume I'm just not feeling TWRP suddenly.

Dear Spotify,


Your paying customers have asked for this feature to ban / block individual artists / bands for over two years now.  Done asking.  I've begun asking major news outlets to do an investigative report as to why Spotify is refusing to impliment this feature.  I'll keep pushing until I get the story.  You will either become transparent as to why you are ignoring this request, or you will impliment the feature.  I think many of us are done asking, and now we are telling you.  Either impliment this, or you'll be forced to publish why you will not, and see if the truth affects your bottom line and erodes your standing in the market.


We no longer wish to hear artists, songs, and/or bands we cannot stand.  Recently had an artist's new album take up several slots of a top 50 chart.  Setting the playlist to random did not prevent Spotify from playing much (if not all) of that artists new album back to back.  And I can't banish that artist from playing to me.  Unacceptable for a service being paid for.  If this is due to paid promotion, where corporate pay outs are more valued than our subscription fees, as many suspect, I intend to out that.


Thank you.

Well **bleep**ing said. I know i sound like a lunatic about this problem, but it angers me to no end.
I’m relieved to hear others discussing it as well.

Thank you for your efforts on this front. It seems odd that there’d be an answer other than pay-to-play, but I’m open to hearing their reasons.
Not sure where you live, but my local NPR station has a massive and expanding local news room and are always looking for stories in which to deep-dive:

KPCC/89.3 Los Angeles/Pasadena.
They’ve garnered an excellent reputation for investigative features and their stories are often heard nationally.

Also- as LA is a huge entertainment center, there’d be tons of local interest in this particular topic...

Well said LordDarb. Keep us updated how you go with that! I'm so sick n tired of hearing artists I hate in "made for you" playlists. I've noticed its an option to ban some artists but not others. Seems private agenda based rather than customer service based. Would love a forced answer. I joined spotify a month ago but it looks like this issue has been going on for years now with plenty of customers writing in about it and still no response as to why being communicated. Seems like a like it or leave it circumstance and seriously has me considering quitting my subscription and use of spotify altogether... 

Have you guys checked Denied? 🙂

osorniosSpotify Star
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