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Cómo pedir agreguen una canción ?

Cómo pedir agreguen una canción ?

Cómo agregar una canción ?

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Hello! Great question you have there!
To get a song on Spotify, you need to team up with a partner company called an aggregator. Aggregators act like middlemen who help artists and musicians share their songs on the Spotify platform.


Instead of sending your song directly to Spotify, artists often choose to work with an aggregator. They make sure the song gets sent correctly and follows all of Spotify's rules.


Some companies that play the role of aggregators include names like DistroKid, CD Baby, EmuBands, ONErpm, and others. These companies help place the song on Spotify, specifically.


Collaborating with an aggregator makes the process of publishing and sharing your music easier. It ensures that your music reaches many people on the Spotify platform. These companies also offer other cool things like showing how many times your song has been played, payment reports, and help with technical issues.


So, if you're a musician or artist and you want your music on Spotify, working with an aggregator is an important way to make it happen and to showcase your music to everyone who uses Spotify.

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