Cannot find npr podcasts

Cannot find npr podcasts


Spotify is supposed to have a partnership with NPR but I can only find 4 podcasts when I search for NPR. Either I am searching in the wrong way or the partnership has not started yet. Can anyone please enlighten me please? 

Thank you in advance. 


Ps. My favorite npr podcast is invisibilia and as far as I can see there is no content in Spotify although it has a page

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This is either an issue with the app, in which you should call support for, or it's simply that there aren't more podcast's I suppose. I would call support to see which is true.

I have the same problem. Until last week, when I accessed the URL I got a «Whoops» message in the entire page. Now, I can actually see the podcast page but no content. After pressing play, the music playing in the player/device stops. Pressing play in the player after that displayed a message «Spotify can't play ...».


It is as if they are blocked or something. At first I thought they were blocked in my country, but the problem persists using proxies and VPNs.


As you can see in the attachment, I'm even subscribed to TED Radio Hour. But I can't find it neither can I play it in any way.

Screenshot from 2018-08-27 13-11-44.png
Screenshot from 2018-08-27 13-12-44.png

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