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Caught on Error

Caught on Error

Wasn't sure if this was the best place to do it, but I found an error, and I wanted to bring it to someone with Spotify's attention:


If you search for the artist Detox, you get this guy: spotify:artist:51Y484bYxxydKWYy8MDhqC


There is also an artist named Detox, who is a drag queen, and was the person I was actually searching for.


If you look at the page found in the link above, you can see that it appears as if the two separate artists have been combined, seemingly as if they are actually the same person...which they are not. For example, songs like This is How We Jew It on the Christmas Queens album is drag queen Detox. Most of the other songs on there are this other guy--hip hop artist? dj?--from Mexico City, I think.

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Users can report metadata errors like this by following the information in this thread here:

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