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[Community][Discover] Better Representation in Discover Weekly

[Community][Discover] Better Representation in Discover Weekly

I'm just your friendly, neighborhood Spotify listener here to share what happened, why I have a concern, and how Spotify can improve. Rock is my personal favorite genre and I wanted to expand my listening horizons! I was looking for better representation in black, female, minority, and under represented folks in this particular genre because I notice that my suggestions were dominantly white dudes. In my search, I did find a cool playlist and a couple bands, but the representation I'm trying to balance is still lacking. I put on my discover weekly today and guess what I got? All white dudes in rock bands. I submit a complaint in their chatroom and they proceed to tell me that discover weekly is based on recent searched algorithms and to post my idea here. So I pose this question Spotify; Why is Spotify recommending white dude bands!? I clearly was looking up not-white dude bands this week!  My solution is simple: improve your algorithms Spotify! Create suggested lists that represent POC, brown people, minorities, females, you catch my drift right!? Maybe do something for Black, Woman, and Hispanic History Months. If someone is listening to a genre, introduce a black or woman's only version of that genre to the listener! Spotify has the power to create better representation in our music. I have one voice and believe I speak for many who have similar concerns. Thank you for taking time to read my story. I hope my voice is heard loud and clear and not put aside as another lost idea. Improve the algorithms and fairly represent our musicians Spotify! Please and thank you!  

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