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[Community][Playlists] Don´t shuffle sonatas or suites etc.!

[Community][Playlists] Don´t shuffle sonatas or suites etc.!

When I listen to some (especialls classical) music like sonatas and suites, shuffel makes no sense to me. For example:

This album contains several sonatas that have one Opus number. In this case, when I press play, it will just shuffle through all of the sonatas. But it would be awesome if I could click on one (for example Sonata No. 2) and Spotify would just play this sonata in the right order. And if the user does not explicitly wants something different, it should start with the first move. Same thing for my personal playlists that contain for example sonatas and "normal" songs. It would be great if Spotify would play a sonata in the right order.


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If you are a premium user, try turning the shuffle play icon off. If you are not premium, see this article about your options:

Hey @aeriugöaerig


Welcome to the Community and thanks for reaching out about this. 


Currently, listening without using the Shuffle mode is a Premium-only feature. 


If you have Premium, you can disable this option and listen to your songs in order following the steps in the link @spettengill1 sent previously. 


If you have any questions, just let us know. 

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