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Copyright- Using same beat as another artist and profiting from it

Copyright- Using same beat as another artist and profiting from it

I bought a license to a beat, but it isn't exclusive to me only. What if I make a song and try to get it on spotify or other streaming services to earn money, but someone else buys a lease as well or buys the exclusive license and puts their song up first using the same beat? Would spotify or other services think I'm infringing on that artist's copyright to their song and not allow me to make money for my song using the same exact beat even though I have a contract and license? I'm asking because Lil Uzi Vert's new song was taken down because it used the same beat as one of G-Herbo's songs. Thanks

3 Replies

Hey there @jonathanq23,

thanks for posting !


I believe it'll be best to contact Spotify for Artists CS for questions regarding legal issues of tracks or albums.


You can reach them through this contact page and have them provide the right answers for you.


Have a great week 😃

On a side note, if the two tracks are that similar, is there any point releasing them? 


You say it's the beat. Do you mean a rhythm pattern or are there also melodic elements? 


If you're going to the trouble and expense of distributing the track with a view to generating revenue, you might want to get the exclusivity of the beat.


just a thought! Good luck.

I mean only the underlying beat is the same. The lyrics are different. I would buy the exclusive, but the unlimited lease allows me to do everything for a period of 10 years for $100 as oppose to paying $1000 for the exclusive.

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