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Daily mix

I enjoy my daily mix and the “playlist radio” that continues at the end of a playlist.

However, certain times, I only want to listen to African gospel music, but the “playlist radio” or “daily mix” continuously gets intermixed with other African music genres (e.g afrobeats, Afro-pop, highlife etc.) and vice versa, this ruins the jamming session. It’s a bit weird because I never get this confusion with other genres. (For instance, I do not get American gospel songs when listening to hip-hop, American pop, country, jazz, blues etc.).


 I suggest you pay more attention to this, African music is closely knitted to be fair, nonetheless they are huge distinctions if you take a closer long. 


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Sometimes there are some problems regarding genre on the Daily Mix playlists, and when you're looking for something specific it's sometimes better looking out into the Spotify community for specially curated playlists by users that enjoy the same music as you. If you search 'African Gospel' into the Spotify search bar you are sure to find playlists made by Spotify users which are the same size (if not, bigger) playlists of the genre you would like to listen to.


Alternatively, from your Daily Mix favourites you can create your own playlists for specific genres under your own Spotify username. Simply click the '...' button of a desired song and click 'add to playlist'. You can make this either a secret or public playlist depending on whether you decide to share with other Spotify users. 


I hope this helps!


The example I found of an African Gospel playlist is linked below:


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