[Desktop][Playlists] spotify indonesia

[Desktop][Playlists] spotify indonesia


Hi, i'm here to to suggest you guys at spotify about the playlist names, here in Indonesia. 


current playlist naming here, i think it's not very good or even selling. truth is iI personally suggest that spotify could use english as base language in every country or find more suitable name for spotify made playlist. for example there's one called "generasi galau" from my opinion it better be like "saat sendu" or  something more attractive. it's so sad to see a playlist named "generasi galau" cause it's not helping no one would search for it I guess. even better for nostalgic touch like "galau 90-an" or more emotional names i can't think of.


thank you spotify for listening, you guys are GREAT! 


here's the example spotify.png

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Hi @ark287 and thanks for your contribution! I've moved your post to the Content Questions board, where we can discuss the available Spotify library as well as the Spotify-curated playlists. This thread will serve as a place to give feedback about Spotify's Indonesian playlists and titles. 🙂

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