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Die Antwoord Presale code?

Die Antwoord Presale code?

Hey there, I'm looking for the Die Antwoord presale code for their August 15th show in Grand Rapids. I've gotten random presale emails before but I don't know how reliable that is for the show I'm looking for.
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**also looking**

Also looking, I don't see it anywhere 😞


" lovedrug " just worked for us 🙂

THANK YOU gitana217! That code worked for the Calgary show too! So stoked!

Awesome "lovedrug" worked for vancouver bc too! Thank you

thank you, thank you it worked for LA too!!!

And Vegas! Thank you.

thank you ... i never, EVER, get presale codes from spotify , yet i've been a paying member for a good 3? years .. maybe 4 (and die antwoord is in my top 3 of artists played) --- hoping this code works tomorrow morning for the kansas city show (i bet it will...) -- xoxo to you and yours , and have a great show everyone !!! "dance like no one is watching"

Funny enough, I am on hold with Ticketmaster right now to try to get into the spotify presale for that show! 


Wish you luck!

I dont know if I am doing this right where do I apply the code because it is not working for me. 

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