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Discover Weekly almost only russian, while not listening to any.

Discover Weekly almost only russian, while not listening to any.







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For the last three weeks, my Discover Weekly has been almost entirely russian "artists", which I have "Disliked" one by one each week and yet next week it's again all the**bleep**.


I listen to virtually 0 russian music. I do listen to a fair amount of Ukrainian music, but that isn't really relevant. Having this russian trash being served is insulting (they shouldn't even be on Spotify, but that's another topic) and pretty much makes Discover Weekly useless. I am left with 2-3 songs after purging lately, which is disappointing. My listening behavior hasn't changed much over the last year or so, but something in the Spotify algorithm must have been tweaked. I hope you're not just looking at Cyrillic letters and grouping music that way.


Please let me either block ruzzian stuff altogether or adjust the logic to not be the opposite of what I tend to listen to. I understand if 1-2 russian songs would sneak in (although really shouldn't be hard to filter that), but the whole playlist is insulting. I am not being served Indian, South American, or Chinese music either, so why russian? 

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Maybe someone will notice the problem... Just for that. *Going to try Apple Music.. 

It's been a while, but I have the same problem. It started about six months ago, and now at least 50% of Discover Weekly is Russian music, despite the fact that I have never listened to Russian and actively block it. Nothing helps.

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