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Do Spotify delete official playlists? “Focus on the Remix” disappeared

Do Spotify delete official playlists? “Focus on the Remix” disappeared

I had “Focus on the Remix” downloaded and used it a lot, however it disappeared yesterday and I can’t find a trace of it. Do Spotify remove their curated playlists? If so, is there a way to get a song list of the last version?
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Hi there, so it is possible for Spotify to remove curated playlists, but it's also possible that the playlist may have been renamed or updated. Here are a few steps you can take to try and locate the "Focus on the Remix" playlist:

  1. Search for the playlist by name in the Spotify search bar. If the playlist has been updated or renamed, it may still be available under a different name.

  2. Check your Spotify Library to see if the playlist is still saved there. If it is, you should be able to access it by going to "Your Library" and then selecting "Playlists".

  3. If the playlist has been removed or updated, you may be able to find a similar playlist by searching for remix playlists on Spotify. To do this, enter "remix" in the search bar and then select "Playlists" from the drop-down menu. This will display a list of playlists that include remixes of popular songs.

  4. If you are still unable to locate the playlist, you can try searching online for a song list of the last version. There are several websites and forums dedicated to sharing Spotify playlists, and it's possible that someone may have saved a copy of the "Focus on the Remix" playlist before it was removed.

I hope this helps you locate the playlist or find a suitable alternative!

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I was looking for this too! Was hoping there would be a list online so I could make my own but can’t seem to find them 😞 

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