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Don Downing "Doctor Boogie"

Don Downing "Doctor Boogie"

Hi, I was wondering if you could consider Don Downing's album "Doctor Boogie" from 1978 as Funk/Soul contribution for your music-database. As long for now you have just the song "Dreamworld" of the album available.

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Would this be the album you are looking for?



I did a quick region look up to see what listening regions have access to this release, the album is showing as available in these listening locations on the Spotify service: AD AR AT AU BE BG BO BR CA CH CL CO CR CY CZ DE DK DO EC EE ES FI FR GB GR GT HK HN HU ID IE IS IT JP LI LT LU LV MC MT MX MY NI NL NO NZ PA PE PH PL PT PY SE SG SK SV TR TW US UY


Or are you meaning something else with your post?

Ah too pity! So it's locked for my region because I am in Germany. Now I know what's the matter. Thanks a lot!

Ah cool! It's in there. I can get it!! Fine Thank you !!!

Spotify has to change the name of the artist for that album. It's entered as Browning and not Downing. It's Don Downing



Ah I see, meta data labelling issues can be reported via this method below:


If you've seen either

- a track, album, or artist in our catalogue with incorrect information (i.e. wrong release year, misspelling, etc.)

- different artists in the same Artist Page

- incorrect cover arts

- incorrect artists biography


- a track or album that isn't playing correctly (i.e. a song only playing one second of music)

Then you can report the error using the Contact Form. Once there, perform the following steps:

Step 1: Click on "I want to report a broken song or wrong song information".
Step 2: Click on the Green Button that reads "I STILL NEED HELP".
Step 3: Copy and Paste the track URI links to the songs into the field that reads "Song URI".
Step 4: Type up a description of the track issues in the "Tell us more" field.
Step 5: Click on the green button "SEND QUESTION".
Be sure to include all Spotify URI's in the body of the message!

After contacting Customer Support, you should receive an automated response from Spotify. The tracks will then be aggregated and reported to the content provider. Customer Support will update their database with the correct information as soon as the label or aggregator has sent Spotify an update with the correct data.

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