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Downloaded playlist keeps downloading itself.

Downloaded playlist keeps downloading itself.

Hi, I have a playlist which I've used for a while. I have recently had trouble with the playlist being unavailable when offline, with Spotify saying the songs aren't downloaded. When I reconnect to the internet the playlist downloads again, working for varying periods of time.
Does anybody know anything about what might be happening?
Thank you.
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Can you list what devices and also which Spotify app versions this is happening with?


My phone is a htc One and the Spotify version is:



Ok a couple of things to check and try to see if you can fix this. First might try a reinstall of the Spotify app after having uninstalled the current app and then getting the Spotify app again from the app store. You can also try this by going here and removing all offline devices and forcing the Spotify apps from your devices to resync with your account again, and maybe the playlist you want to offline does it correctly this time. Also make sure you have no more than three devices for offline use, the Spotify service will cause havoc with a device, usually the oldest device synced to your account as an offline device if a new fourth offline device gets synced and added to your account for offline use.

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