Dream SMP Genre

Dream SMP Genre

Why is Dream SMP a genre? I understand for songs made about it or by the people who made it, but a lot of the songs on the Sound of Dream SMP playlist are unrelated to it or the creators of dsmp. This needless genre is throwing off my Spotify Wrapped when I haven't listened to any dsmp related songs, and only listened to one song on the playlist, which is actually an Outer Worlds fansong and has nothing to do with dsmp.

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i'd just really hate to be the guy at the spotify office that has to figure out what Dream SMP music is, and then get everyone who doesn't care about Dream **bleep** cause its in their top 5 genres. actual hairbrain decision

My #1 genre in 2021 Spotify wrapped was DreamSMP and i wanna know which part of my daily playlist full of classic rock, modern pop, and electro swing this applies to, so I can prevent this from ever happening again

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