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Duplicate album on duplicate artist page

Duplicate album on duplicate artist page

I dont know why but another spotify artist page just appeared out of the blue and now our new ep is on two diffrent pages, and when clicked on the artist name in playlist or library it redirects to the newly created page, This is extremely frustrating, we've just finished updating or bio and pics, and gained some monthly listeners and followers now it redirects to an empty page which we have no control over. There is no form to fill out for this and is so disrespectful for artists who really work hard for the music they put on the platform. I hope someone will be able to resolve this. 


Ive linked Our spotify artist page with the bio and pics which we actually control and want to keep, and the one that just appeared we want to be deleted. We didnt upload our ep twice or anything like that, dont know why this would happen. Please fix it




4 Replies

Hello @maglibertine ,

Thanks for reaching out to the community!


I have escalated this topic to bring it to the attention of a moderator. This will be sorted out very soon!


It is possible that there is a problem of duplication of content in your distributor label. Contact with them, maybe it´s possible that a simple reloading Spotify of your song can be solved.

Hey @maglibertine ,


Here's an article that'll give you more information on what to do, and why it must've happened. It's on this page.


Keep me updated!


Thank you for the reply. Now the original profile just seems to be deleted, I can't find it through search but it appears under pages I follow. It's so sad that this would happen, I just wish spotify had some sort of online chat or something where I could reach out to someone to fix this manually.  I will try something through my distributor, but I don't understand how it could be their fault as everything was working perfectly at first and nothing new was done after the ep went live to change the situation. 

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