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Edge of Sanity Crimson II Crossfade Issue

Edge of Sanity Crimson II Crossfade Issue

Since I can find no way to contact any sort of Spotify support I'm posting here.


So I decided to listen to Edge of Sanity's Crimson II and found it was crossfading between songs even though the crossfade was turned off, it seems the crossfade is imbedded in the files spotify is streaming. There shouldn't be any crossfade on the album it's self since it's supposed to play as one very long song with no breaks in it and so it's pretty distracting having the crossfade added in. Hopefully it can be fixed.

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Google found this thread. Looks like I'm not the only one who noticed. This issue is incredibly annoying and basically ruins the album.


Oh, also, did I mention the intro and outro are missing too? Great stuff.

I contacted Spotify customer service about this issue. This is the response I got:


"Thanks for getting in touch, and apologies for the confusion. No worries, we're here to help.

We make content available in whatever form it’s given to us. Spotify is not responsible for information relating to a particular track, album, or artist.

If something isn’t right, we recommend contacting the relevant label/distributor who will be able to update the information from their end.

We hope that helps. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do.

All the best,
Spotify Customer Support"


So basically, their answer is "pound sand".


This is ridiculous. Spotify provides a feedback form telling people to report bad song data, then immediately passes the buck and tells their users to talk to the record labels instead. I thought Spotify had the contact information and contracts with the labels - why is it on customers to fix the broken content provided by Spotify?



Yeah, this is super bad, I don't know who can I contact, both Crimsons have this issue. I have the physical cds but I just would like to listen on Spotify due to it being easier. Also, this same issue happens on Tidal, so it's probably the record company's fault, Black Mark. If you have any contacts within Black Mark maybe they can help.

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