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Extremistic podcasts in Spotify

Extremistic podcasts in Spotify


I have noticed, that Kultur blog is on Spotify.

This is podcast of one extremists party in Slovakia. Due to this I have a question.

Can extremistic podcasts be on Spotify?

Here is URI:spotify:show:1JRBY4FY31yfTSrfXthRwv 

4 Replies

Hey there @Noguri


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

If you find some content that was created or uploaded by another user or artist on Spotify (such as a playlist, podcast or image) that is offensive or infringes copyright, you can report it through the app. Each report is investigated on a case-by-case basis.


Simply head to this help page and you'll find the steps on how to report the content. 


Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions. 

What do you mean by extremist?
I tried to search the web for it, found their website and youtube channel but unfortunately I don't speak slovak, so it's pretty hard for me to tell what their position is. Do you have an international report or article about them?



OK, just argue:
Ofcourse, there isn't an international report about It, but Kulturblog and Livia Garcalova is very known due to some stupid videos. Moderators of Kulturblog, aswell as Livia are friends and members of extremist party LSNS of Slovakia. I don't know rules of podcastings in Spotify. I don't know, if It is good to promote neonazi and extremists podcasts. Those people also attacked arab family in Bratislava, five years ago. Try also write Marian Kotleba to Google and You'll soon discovere maybe some news in English language too.

After long time, I would like to report this podcast, but there isn't any button to report a podcast, or epysode.
I understand, that You accept freedom of speech, but ideologies, such as Nazism (or Neonazism) are against those issues. Also, maybe You remember on communist or neonazi eras and how It will be with freedom of speech.
And ofcourse, Nazism isn't good not just of this blog, but maybe You have heard of 3rd Reich and about Holocaust.

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