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FiveFingerDeathPunch album issue

FiveFingerDeathPunch album issue

I tried to make a post on the issue section, but there was no option to do so, so i made it here instead -.-*


Five Finger Death Punch album: The way of the fist. Has been edited so all tracks are muted (There is 2 albums of the same type, both are censored!)


I had the original album songs on my playlists, and today they went into censored versions.


(they are able to play, But all curse words are muted, so it sounds like a skipping record).

As BOTH album/versions of that album is muted songs, I think its a bug/mistake made. And also it shouldn't automaticly replace the songs on my playlists if they suddenly go into 'No swear words mode', They should just be greyed-out/removed/unplayable.


So yeah. This might be something either, You; spotify, will have to fix urselfs or contact the rightholders.  As there are 2 albums of the same album and both are censored. It sure seems like a misstake has been made. (Five finger death punch: The way of the fist). (ofcourse, either have 1 censored and 1 uncensored. Or just 1 of the two. not two of 1.

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I’m so frustrated by this, I had it downloaded, opened Spotify today and it forced me to download again and now the album skips. Explicit content is enabled, I don’t understand why they censored it now after so long and with explicit content options that can be used to prevent kids even playing explicit songs. I just want this album back, it’s one of my favourite commuting albums and it’s ruined. I’m honestly considering looking into alternative music services to prevent this happening to my other albums. 

S'il vous plaît spotify 

We besoin de la version non censurée!

My partner noticed this too, very annoying. Like why would FFDP change the version available to their fans, who are adults paying for this service! Really hope the original explicit versions are put back soon. 

I'm having that same issue in Brazil, I had that problem with other albuns that have explicit and clean versions and just changed, but in that case there is no other version avilable.


Spotify please solve that.

 I, too, noticed this few weeks ago. All the other albums are same as before, but way of the fist is censored... Really annoying. I was angry and wanted to listen to that album and then got even more angry when all the curses were gone. :))))

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