Let's say. . . There is a huge portion of the community that does not build playlists. With that being mentioned, the only playlists they follow is their discover weekly (which we are all so grateful for.) Though, this also means that their liked songs list is only growing above the 10k's. In which, it's getting less and less organized. What a wonderful disaster. 


Let's also INCLUDE AN OPTION TO SORT LIKED SONGS BY GENRE (TYPE) or algorithm as that is the rumor of how discover weekly is created in the first place. Possibly, by years created! 




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Echoing off of your sentiments they should also let us sort music via monthly listeners.  Sometimes I want to be able to share artists that for whatever reason, just aren't getting the love that they deserve.

Hi @sammmferrris!


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community.


There is a live idea similar to yours here. The status of the idea is Not Right Now meaning that the Spotify team likes the idea but it's not something they are planning to implement at the moment.


I suggest you to vote for the idea so that if the team will post an update you'll know.


Hope this helps.


The most annoying part about this is that Spotify USED to have it. Even shite Apple Music has this option... it's a common feature.

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