General questions about Spotify


General questions about Spotify


OK, Now that I know Spotify’s limitations with regards missing albums etc I have a few more questions that hopefully someone could help with.


1: Is there a way of finding out how many albums/songs are in your library. I did a search but the information is quite old. I assume that there is still no way of doing this, and if so is it something Spotify are looking to implements, I would have figured this was a basic request, people love to know this sort of information.


2: Is there a limit to the number of tracks that you can have in your library and/or downloaded


3: Is there a way to “save” all albums from an artist rather than saving each one individually.


4. If I want to remove all song from an artist do I have to do that individually or can I mass delete all songs from that artist?


5: Also, as an asside does spotify really give me a new "rank" every single time I do anything in the forms, and can i turn those notifcations off?

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Hi there.

2. I read from Spotify that you can have up to 3,000 songs saved for offline. I'm not sure if there is a limit for online.

3. I haven't tried saving all albums at once from an artist. For mass delete. Only If you're on a computer you can deleted all albums/ songs at once. Go to Artist until you see all the songs by them you have saved. Click the first song. Scroll to the bottom of the list and hold the CTRL button and click the last song on the list. Press delete. Everything that you have saved fromthat artist has now be deleted from your music.

5. I don't think it's every time. But you can turn it all off. Go to Profile, Settings and you should see options in there for turning that off. If you're getting emails you don't wish to get. They will be links to unsubscribe or choose which notifications you wish to get.

I hope this was some bit of help. Have a great day.


Thanks for the reply. 3000 offline is OK I think, hopefully that same limit
(or similar) doesnt apply offline, I have over 3000 tracks already on my
system as MP3s and that is only touching to surface o some artists, I could
easily surpass 10k tracks.

Ah that is fine, as long as I can do it on the PC, ill do this when I get

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Just a slight correction, the limit of offlined content is 3,333 tracks per device and up to three devices per account. So users can have up to 9,999 tracks offlined per account, just the track limits are split across three devices for offlined content. FYI, you can have 3,333 tracks on a PC at home, and then download a whole other set of 3,333 tracks with a mobile device, and have two different sets of content on two different devices of offlined music.




Thanks for the clarification, what an unusual number to have as a limit.