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Get rid of Forhims add

Get rid of Forhims add

This for hims add is spaming my acount it plays over and over. I am not sure why, hair loss has never been in my surch history, none the less, I don't want to play my music at work out of fear of this abnoxious and offensive add playing. The first line is, HAIR IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO A MAN!" folowed by "IT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN HIS LOOKS, MORE IMPORTANT THAN HIS WALLET,' IT'S MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING." I like my job, but my boss is clearly balding and I dont want to **bleep** him off. I understand I could purchase the premium version and aviod the add, but if this is the way they force you into it, I think I will look elsewhere. 

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I completely agree. This ad is offensive and Spotify should be ashamed of running it.

Yes, this offensive ad is repeated during commercial breaks way too often.

I am sick of this ad I understand advertising: repetitive ads create sales. But when you repeat the same one every 15 minutes ad nauseum it has the opposite effect. I've heard it 4 times in one hour, been listening to it for weeks now. Who is asleep in the sales dept, can't you drum up other advertisers? Or perhaps create some code where ads don't repeat more than once an hour. Either way, this campaign backfired: i will never go their website. Also I cannot identify with their message about "hair is the most important thing to a man."

I cannot stand this ad nor this company. I already get enough anxiety about hair loss to begin with, and hearing these ads over and over again makes me consider dropping spotify all together. 


This company went so far as to send me a direct message on my Tinder account in the form of a advert. I want nothing to do with this company, ever. 

Hair is absolutely NOT the most important thing to men.  This is a sexist ad and needs to go.  Disgusting and repetitive.  Have some respect for yourself, Spotify.  You've had to stoop to tabloid style ads on your service?

I came here to post this same thing.  Glad to see it was already mentioned.  I'm sick of hearing it played during EVERY commercial break, sometimes twice.  But more imprtantly, as a man with little hair remaining, I am sick of being told that my hair is SO IMPORTANT.  I don't really care that I am balding, but hearing that I am somehow less of a man for not having hair is starting to **bleep** me off.  I can deal with pretty much every other ad, but something about these really gets under my skin.  They stopped playing the "hair is the most important thing." ad, but the presentation/voice guy for these ads makes the replacement almost as annoying.  Do you think they would ever have gotten away with an ad that said "Hey women, are you fat?  Dudes hate fat chicks.  Use our product.  Stop being fat."

i hate this **bleep**ing ad so much oh my godddddddddddddddddddddddd

If this forhims ad plays one more FN time im going to rip my hair out myself instead of waiting to age 35 where apparently all my hair is going to fall out anyways! I literally cringe everytime I hear that FN voice come over my spotify. Hi, Spotify, you are going to lose a customer over an ad. Please do a better job at choosing what type of insignificant blabber ads you allow on your site. Yes, I am continuing to use your free music vs. premium because I dont mind occasional ads, but this one is just absurd. I have 3 assignments due tomorrow in which I'm probabbly going to pull an all nighter, but have ceased my work due to how fn irritated this balding bull**bleep** ad makes me. Ok, back to my peaceful "focus" music, until the inevitable new york accent slices into my eardrums and ruins my work rythym. 

Wow @Spotify... I had a legitimate compliant about the ForHIMs ad, just as everyone else did on this Post Reply, and what do I see, but my original comment was not only taken down, but I was not notified by this. Shame on you.


The ForHIMs ad campaign needs to not only change their script, as it is clearly aggrevating people in a number of ways, but it also needs to be played less, or have listeners able to decline listening to certain ads in the future. Clearly not everyone is going to buy into the paid service just to remove select ads.


And, by no means should a comment be taken down with the author of a comment not being notified. My complaint was legitimate, and regardless of the tame words and motivated tone, I can no longer access it. The hilarious part is that I still have those badges that prove I had a comment liked; but no comment to be found that supported that claim.


Clearly there is a problem here. @Spotify, it's your job to address this issue. Do you side on the money end of things, and only give the option to your listeners to purchase a higher tier only to not listen to this terrible ad; or do you side with your viewer-ship, and support what they do not like, and thus either not airing the ForHIMs ad, or even removing it altogether.


That's it. I'm done. Shame on you if you take this comment down also.

Hey everyone,


Please vote for these ideas that have been suggested for the ability to give feedback on ads:


Add a comment there, so they may be considered. 🙂

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Agreed. How do we make a formal complaint and get these ads to stop. A commercial came on for limp *ick problems and couples touching each other bare skinned! I had to tell my little kids to cover their eyes. The ad graphically explained issues in **bleep**. 

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