Have Mercy band bio/content is wrong

Have Mercy band bio/content is wrong

So I went to listen to a band today called Have Mercy from Baltimore, MD when I realized that none of the things were right with the artists profile. The bio stated that Have Mercy was a Thrash band from Baltimore when in fact they do not play Thrash metal. Second off, the music on the artist profile is all country except for a single random single from an R&B artist. It appears as though Spotify has mixed up an Emo band from Baltimore, a thrash band from California, some country artist, and an obscure R&B artist all into one artist. Whats up with this?

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That is odd, I get the Have Mercy artist page which has a bio which reads this band is a four piece indie rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. Maybe a Spotify content team member saw this post and fixed it? Can you check again? You also might try a log out log back in of the Spotify app just in case it needs a cache refresh for updated content? Also what is your current listening region? Here is the Spotify link to that indie rock band version of Have Mercy: you can copy and paste the URL into the search window of the desktop app and hit enter on the keyboard.

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