Heaven Can Wait (OPM album remake)


Heaven Can Wait (OPM album remake)

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For some reason the band OPM remade a few of their hit songs and these newer versions are all that's available on spotify. Among others this includes songs like "heaven is a halfpipe" and "El Capitan". the problem is... they are AWFUL!

These remakes are absolutely horrible. It's extremely disapointing that i'm not able to listen to the original versions and honestly if this trend of providing the remake but not the original (which i've seen elsewhere) continues it will actually quickly become grounds for leaving the service.

It is one thing to be able to offer an artist/song or not, but to REPLACE a song with a shitty awful remake at the expense of the original not only inappropriately alters my own music collection is deceptive and misleading and makes me irrationally angry. Having a tried and true favorite on my playlist come on only to realize it's a shitty remake makes me irrationally angry and frankly, brought me to the verge of canceling my subscription.

Leave our music alone or at least offer both option, what has happened to these songs is, at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, disgusting and manipulative.

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Hey Dyse!

I understand your frustration, but it's not Spotify that does the remakes of songs but rather the artist's record company. The record company also puts the songs in the account of the artist (s) and not Spotify.