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Help Finding A Spotify Community

Help Finding A Spotify Community

Hi guys,


I was just curious... By chance, does anybody know of a web forum/community that shares classic music from Spotify? I have problems finding any. Although you can find people sharing on Facebook, there are almost no groups dedicated to sharing classic music for Spotify. Are there any message boards like this exist??




3 Replies

Hey @user-removed


Check out the playlist exchange and music chat areas.


People are posting playlists they have made (of all genres) in the playlist exchange.

MattSudaSpotify Star
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That's a great question, @user-removed. So many forums and threads are focused on new music and discovery — which is a wonderful thing — that finding entire groups dedicated both to classic music and Spotify can be challenging.

That said, I'll discuss classic music with you anytime. And I know there are a few other people here in the Spotify Community with a true love for and expertise in music from past eras. With a little love and careful cultivation, I bet we can build entertaining threads and playlists here that will draw the lovers of classic music out of the woodwork.


Anytime you want to get my attention, just tag me.

In the meantime, here's a playlist I made from singles I bought as a kid. They're more or less in chronological order and will give you a small sense of where I'm coming from, musically.


@user-removed: It's fairly easy to find groups that focus on classic music or Spotify — I'm in several of those on Facebook. The trick is finding one that focuses on both. For one thing, most of the audience for that classic music has it in other forms —vinyl, CDs, mp3s (I'm even part of an 8-track-tape group!). The existing classic music groups tend to be more about sharing memories and reminiscing about classic music than discovering music people missed the first time around (or were too young to hear). That second part is what Spotify's really good for — introducing new music and new contexts for the music. (It'd be interesting to see if we could develop of sub-group of younger listeners wanting to discover older music here within the Spotify Community.)

Fun aside about that David Cassidy and "Cherish" — that and Alice Cooper's "School's Out" were the first two singles I bought. They came within a few months of each other, so I'm not quite sure which came first, but it's a fairly odd pairing. I've had had the opportunity to tell this to both David and Alice, and they both had the same response: "I used to hang out with him a lot back then."

The world is weirder than we can possibly imagine. Go figure.

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