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Heos system with several speakers.

Heos system with several speakers.

Hi all,


I'm not sure I'm in the right section, but lets try.

I'm building up an heos system, for the moment just two items, one speaker in the bedroom of my child and one in the living room. 

My child is just 7Y, so he do not have his own phone or can control the music him self.

What I would like to do is to be able to do is to have different music in the different speakers, we are still talking about one system and one home.

I know this might be like swearing in church, but Tidal who also support Heos, has this opportunity as they use the Heos App and there I can choose speaker that I want and where I would like to stream from. it's not depending on the Tidal App.


Best regard


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I have a Heos system also, but the same problem.

Unfortunately Spotify will not come with any solution for this. At least not yet.




Thank you for your feedback, I don't think this link refers to the same question/problem/issue that I would like to resolve.


What I would like to have is the opportunity to play different songs on different speakers in the same SONOS/HEOS system with only one account. yes, maybe, you can argue that this is "several" accounts use, but since we are under the same roof and one system. this should apply as one account (Premium) in my oppinion. Again


Tidal has this opportunity since they are using the Heos app to control the music and not the Tidal app with a connection to the Heos system.


Another question would also be if a Family account will solve this? can I than use several accounts into the same Heos/Sonos system?


It's not my preferd solution, but maybe this is what needs to be done.. more cash for Spotify..




Hey Thomas,


I have multiple Heos devices scattered througout my house and have not come across any issue playing different songs via each speaker, however doing so via the same music client is not possible unless you take a small detour. 


First of all make sure each speaker is labeled as a different Room in your heos App. After this is done you can select each speaker seperately in your music client, as a client can only send out one source at a time you would need multiple clients to play different music from each speaker at the same time.


The cheapest way to make this possible (using spotify) is to grab a spotify family subscription so you can have multiple clients running without them interfering with eachother. Then run 2 seperate instances of the spotify app logged in with different login id's and you should be ready to rumble.


If you prefer to not have any aditional subscription costs to make your wish possible, you would most likely be best of using a separate "free"music client to play the music in the other room whilst using the spotify app to play your favourite tracks in your main room.


I hope my reply is of any help!





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