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How Do I Stop Getting Artists/Songs I Dislike in My Recommendations

How Do I Stop Getting Artists/Songs I Dislike in My Recommendations

on the mobile app 1 of the 1st things that show up on the home screen is labelled Discover New Songs with 3 preview playlists: "Similar to Your Taste," "New Releases for You" & "Popular New Releases," i dont really care about the new releases but often i scroll thru STYT where i see stuff thats NOTHING like my taste, just stuff i used to like last year & were 5 months into this year! 5 MONTHS!


my taste is basically defined by rap rock whether its emo rap or trap metal, my favorite genres are pop punk & any form of emo--artists i love include iann dior, jxdn, mgk, Huddy, Travis Barker, Sueco, MOD SUN, blackbear, Lil Peep, Juice WRLD & more! i also like lyrical rappers like Eminem (hes the GOAT!) as well as anime rap, aesthetic rap, dark (non hood) rap & bubblegum. since 2024 started i took an interest in all this stuff, i dived into it in February then almost exclusively listened to it since April. occasionally as a joke i listen to funny dumb meme songs, that stuff sometimes appears under my taste which isnt ideal but at least its better than...


from 2020-2023 (i guess thats too long to be erased but that doesnt mean im happy) i pretty much only listened to trap but when 2024 started i realized i didnt like mumble rap anymore, i like lyricism or at least music about real things, not stuff that either (often fake) brags about money & dominance or relates to gang violence. this dislike was motivated by the brags really stressing me out (why? cuz its almost never true & many people were already sick of it in 2017 but in 2024 everybody still does it to copy their favorite (c)rappers!) and the gang related stuff upsetting & even traumatizing me 😱😰


artists i hate include NLE Choppa (does N stand for that fascist WW2 group? probably), Future, Drake, Lil Baby, Metro Boomin, drill rappers & modern female rappers, im not a big fan of soft slow r&b either. yet all that stuff appear in that Similar to Your Taste playlist as well as a handful of Made for You playlists & anything based on my taste profile. thats fricked up man! i wish i could at least do something about it like hit a dislike button or customize my taste profile by saying my favorite genres/artists but...


specifically NLE Choppa upset me with his lyrics, especially on his song DISABILITY CHECKS. i feel like his intention is to torture & traumatize his listeners, hes the type to bully me, beat me down to the ground til i bleed & smirk as he watches me cry while a nice guy like jxdn, Huddy or YUNGBLUD is the type to help me get back up & make me feel better as well as stand up against bullies. jxdn, Huddy & YUNGBLUDs music cheers me up, specifically "BETTER OFF DEAD," "Don't Freak Out" & "Tongue Tied"


i really need help getting hood mumble rap out my recommendations asap, i love drastically different music now & care about real relatable lyrics. hopefully soon ill be seeing plenty pop punk & emo all over my personalized spotify

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Hey @dannybruhphantom,


Thanks for reaching out!

On mobile, you can select specific artists and tap the 'Don't play this artist' - see the implemented Idea post for more details.
Do this for all similar artists you wouldn't want to see in the future.

It's best to also remove any of their songs you've liked from the Liked Songs playlist to assist the recommendations algorithm.
In case you have playlists containing only music you'd like to not hear anymore, you can tap on 'Exclude from taste profile' 🙂

In case you have any of these artists' albums in your profile, you can remove them; if you're following any, you can also unfollow them.

Hope this helps!


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i actually already did everything u sed but thats not enough, i still get told i love hood music. i might have to post a chart that shows artists i love on 1 side & artists i hate/dont really dig on the other.


@Vasil if what u suggested actually worked i probably wouldntve posted this, what we really need is a dislike button cuz the most we can do with specific songs we dislike is hide them but they still appear


maybe ill try posting yet ANOTHER idea...


thanks anyway!

if i remove a playlist from my library does it stay in my taste profile? hopefully not cuz i dont wanna search for it 😖


Press buttons to unleash the music you yearn to hear. ‘Tis you with the power my man. You hold the power in those fingers. 

@Mitre226644 ur really not helping...


i already do that but clearly if it worked i wouldntve posted this question

I was just kidding. My actual suggestion is to not rely too heavily on the algorithm suiting your preferences with precise accuracy. They’re not perfect. But the good news is that the music you want to hear is there. Just locate it the old fashioned way. 

I hope you have a nice day. 

ok somebody really needs to deal with this & MY IDEA NEEDS AT LEAST A REPLY! spotify just tells us what we love & doesnt let us say ourselves. sometimes all i get is mumble rap & r&b, thats not ok. fix this asap somebody! i even get this empowerment mix which is a perfect example of what i dont like--female mumble rap about twerk flexing or whatever


all i need is a dislike button or a taste profile i get to choose myself. im tired of bullet sound impression adlibs & i wanna hear more heavy guitars

how do i delete a reply

spotify only occasionally admit i love pop punk & emo but they just wont admit i love Eminem even tho hes a GENERIC RAPPER! but they happily claim i love Central Cee, DaBaby or Pop Smoke

I don't know what to tell you- it's an algorithm, not a human being in charge. I doubt the robots have a personal vendetta against you. Just don't use the recommendations- listen to what you listen to- nobody's making you use those recommendations. Make your own playlist or something. 


If you aren't getting the response you want from the support team (their response seemed legit within this thread- see screenshot), you can contact them by sending them a message. (see other screenshot)


Best of luck

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good idea

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