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How do I see the NEW releases not just those Spotify thinks I should hear?

How do I see the NEW releases not just those Spotify thinks I should hear?

I'm using Spotify as a premium member, have been for some years now.


I have always assumed that the latest albums would appear on the "New Releases" option and every week I'd look back and always found it odd that some new releases just wouldn't be there. I had assumed it was because those artists didn't want their music on Spotify, fare enough and I would look through what I could go through.


But today, for the first time possibly ever, I could see that actually none were *new* releases. Yes they were new to the list that week, but I struggled to find a single album which was released even this year let alone this week!


I'm guessing Spotify has decided these albums are new to me/my list and that is why they are deemed "new". But the fact is they're not, and they're not even current in many cases (today showed Adam Lambert and Robbie Williams among others from even longer ago). I just want to know what's released now, not 2,3 or 10 years ago (yes there was one from 2013...)


Is there a way to see actual new releases or is this "New Releases" option just a waste of the space it fills?

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Hey @dancingcat 


I recommend checking out This site, done by a Spotify data alchemist, has a section for new releases categorized by genre and they're releases dropped within the last week. Check it out here!

Note: it's quite a huge thing and may somewhat hog the resources on weak machines while it loads up.


This site is honestly a godsend for music discoverers. I personally love the Canonical Path feature.


Hope this helps you out!

SebastySpotify Star
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I'm here for the same thing... I want Spotify to add a way to see ALL new albums added this week, not just their 'hand-picked' selection. 


Every Friday I like to look at the 'new releases' to see if there any new albums from artists I like, its always random artists i've not heard of and then you discover 'x' artist had a new album out which you didn't even know about


Please improve this Spotify!

Same. please fix this Spotify!

Same here…albums used to be listed under new releases.  So unless you know of an albums release you are blind to what’s actually out there 

Same.  This has been like this for months and needs to be fixed.  I want to be able to browse everything that came out for the week in one spot.

Same! Im always looking for new artist or new album but now gone.. please bring it back! 

I vote for this feature too. 

Algorithm is not really doing well now. I don't get correct artists in my handpicked section, so I'd prefer to be able to chose for myself. Seeing it by genres would be amazing.

For example, I listened to Lizzy McAlpine pre-released singles a couple of times, but I wasn't recommended to the album when it dropped, instead I get artists I've never listened.
I do understand that many won't care about this feature, and it's a cool tool to sell to labels. Anyway, you can add an extra hidden section for those who doesn't afraid to explore in a bit of a mess. 

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