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How to Give direct feedback about content?

How to Give direct feedback about content?

So I'm currently listening to intense studying playlist, and it has Bill Murray (the actor) come on about every 3-4 songs, to give a little uplift for studying... I just heard one that was really negative, one comment was 'so just walk away cause your failing that subject anyway'. Now I have a wicked sense of humor, and I get the joke, but people listen to this station to study... not be put off by negative stuff like that... can someone tell me how I can get feedback to Spotify to ask them to review that piece of content? 

2 Replies

I'll second that. Also, I love me some Bill Murray. I also love me some "Intense Studying" playlist when I need to read or do work. However, I do not love Bill Murray blabbing away while I'm trying to concentrate. Please.. let me experience Bill Murray in the appropriate places... like Caddyshack. I'm starting to feel like the gopher! 

How the **bleep** can you have a wicked sense of humor and not be able to take a simple joke? Something can’t be negative when it’s a joke, can it? 

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