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How to check Spotify ranking of artist

How to check Spotify ranking of artist

Spotify ranks artists based on their number of listeners. How can I check the entire list f artists ranked by Spotify?
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Also in the 'About' section, you can see where an artist's listeners are from! This feature is great for really small bands, you can see if touring has actually helped you gain listeners 🙂

Kendrick Lamar is #18

i just want a whole list of the artists from 1 to 100, that isnt that hard

The Spotify Top 50 Charts Artists (07.07.17)

missed #55 and #80
1.Ed Sheeran 44.9M 
2.Daddy Yankee 44.7M 
3.Luis Fonsi 42.3M
4.DJ Khaled 36.7M 
5.Drake R&B/Pop 36.7M 
6.Calvin Harris 35.3M
7.Chainsmokers 34.4M 
8.Coldplay 34.2M 
9.David Guetta 33.9M
10.Imagine Dragons 33.9M 
11.Rihanna 32.3M 
12.Major Lazer 31.5M 
13.Nicki Minaj 30.7M 
14.Selena Gomez 30.7M 
15.Bruno Mars 30.1M 
16.Kygo 29.3M 
17.Shawn Mendes 28.5M 
18.Martin Garix 27.9M 

19.Charlie Puth 27.8M 
20.Jason Derulo 27.8M 
21.Ty Dolla Sign  27.7M 
22.Katy Perry 27.7M
23.Kendrick Lamar 27.3M 
24.Clean Bandit 26.2M 
25.Alessia 26.1M 
26.Future 25.6M
27.Travis Scott 25.2M
28.The Weekend 24.5M 
29.Jonas Blue 23.5M
30.Cheat Codes 22.9M 
31.Ellie Goulding 22.9M 
32.Camilla  22.7M
33.Miley Cyrus 22.3M 
34.Zedd 22.2M 
35.French Montana 22.1M 

36.Ariana Grande 22.0M 

37.Maroon5 22.0M 
38.Enrique Iglesias 21.2M 
39.Shakira 21.1M 
40.Troye Sivan 20.3M 
41.Kanye West 20.0M
42.One Republic 19.9M 
43.Sia 19.7M
44.Liam Payne 18.9M 
45.Lil Wayne 18.9M 
46.Dua Lipa 18.8M
47.Pitbull 18.7M 
48.Malone 18.4M 
49.Justin Bieber 18.4M 
50.Taylor Swift 18.0M 
51.LIL Uzi Vert 18.2M  
52.Halsey 18.1M 
53.Bebe Rexha 18.0M 
54.J.Balvin 17.9M  
55.? ? ? 
56.5th Harmony 17.4M 
57.ZAYN 16.9M
58.DJ Snake 16.7M 
59.Lady Gaga 16.7M 
60.Beyonce 16.7M 

61.Hailee Steinfeld 16.5M 
62.Chris Brown 16.2M
63.Justin Timberlake 16.1M
64.Robin Schulz 16.1M
65.Wiz Khalifa 15.9M 
66.Julia Michaels 15.8M 
67.Adele 15.8M 
68.Maggie Lindemann 15.8M 
69.Childish Gambino 15.7M 
70.Maluma 15.5M 
71.Niall Horan 15.4M 
72.Lorde 15.4M
73.G-Eazy 15.2M 
74.Rita Ora 15.1M 
75.Axwell // Ingrosso 15.0M
76.James Arthur 14.8M 
77.Logic 14.7M 
78.Big Sean 14.3M
79.Harry 14.3M 
80.? ? ? 
81.Khalid 14.1M 

82.MO 13.9M 
83.Nicky Jam 13.7M 
84.Galantis 13.3M 
85.Migos 13.1M 
86.John Legend 13.0M 
87.21 Pilots 12.9M 
88.Flo Rida 12.8M 
89.Queen 12.7M 
90.Matoma 12.6M 
91.Red Hot Chilli Peppers 12.5M 
92.2 Chainz 12.4M 
93.Wisin 12.3M 
94.Alan Walker 12.3M 
95.Little Mix 12.3M 
96.Michael Jackson 12.2M 
97.James Blunt 12.0M
98.Linkin Park 11.7M 

99.Ozuna 11.5M 
100.Danny Ocean 11.4M 


Was planning on doing a website just for spotify charts.

Do the website 🙌

Will do it when I know the full charts. At this point Im still missing one.

55. is Eminem

wow, kinda sad cuz I actualy listen to him -.-.

Thank you tho m8.

(phone): scroll to the bottom of the artists page and their ranking will be displayed next to their amount of listeners

(web): go to the artist's page and click on their about page and on the left, under their amount of listeners, their ranking will be displayed


as of july 9, 2017

1 - daddy yankee

2 - ed sheeran

3 - luis fonsi

4 - dj khaled

5 - drake


Just shows that most people listen to garbage. 😂

Finally found out the full Charts:


1.Daddy Yankee 44.7M 
2.Ed Sheeran 44.6M 
3.Luis Fonsi 42.3M 
4.DJ Khaled 37.4M 
5.Calvin Harris 36.7M 
6.Drake 36.7M 
7.David Guetta 34.2M
8.Imagine Dragons 34.4M 
9.Coldplay 34.2M 
10.Chainsmokers 34.1M 
11.Rihanna 33.0M 
12.Major Lazer 31.5M 
13.Selena Gomez 30.3M 
14.Nicki Minaj 30.3M 
15.Bruno Mars 29.9M 
16.Kygo 28.8M 
17.Shawn Mendes 28.4M 
18.Charlie Puth 27.8M 
19.Martin Garix 27.7M 
20.Jason Derulo 27.4M 
21.Ty Dolla Sign 27.3M 
22.Kendrick Lamar 26.9M 
23.Katy Perry 26.7M 
24.Clean Bandit Elektro 25.7M 
25.Alessia Cara 25.6M
26.Travis Scott  25.3M 
27.Future 25.3M 
28.The Weekend 24.2M 
29.Jonas Blue 23.9M 
30.Cheat Codes 23.0M 
31.Zedd 22.8M 
32.French Montana 22.7M 
33.Camilla Cabello 22.7M 
34.Ellie Goulding 22.6M 
35.Maroon5 21.7M 
36.Miley Cyrus 21.7M
37.Ariana Grande Pop 21.6M
38.Shakira 21.1M
39.Enrique Iglesias 21.0M 
40.Troye Sivan 20.3M 
41.Liam Payne 20.0M 
42.Kanye West 20.0M 
43.One Republic 19.8M 
44.J.Balvin 19.5M

45.Sia 19.3M 
46.Lil Wayne 18.7M 

47.Post Malone 18.6M 
48.Pitbull Party 18.6M 
49.Dua Lipa 18.3M 
50.Lil Uzi Vert  18.2M 
51.Justin Bieber  18.2M 
52.Taylor Swift 17.9M 
53.Eminem 17.8M 
54.Bebe Rexha 17.7M 
55.Halsey Alt. Pop 17.5M 
56.5th Harmony 17.1M 
57.Beyonce 16.7M 

58.DJ Snake 16.6M 
59.Hailee Steinfeld 16.4M
60.ZAYN 16.3M 
61.Chris Brown 16.1M 
62.Robin Schulz 16.1M 
63.Justin Timberlake 16.1M 
64.Wiz Khalifa 16.1M 
65.Lady Gaga 15.9M 
66.Childish Gambino 15.9M 
67.Axwell // Ingrosso 15.9M
68.Maggie Lindemann 15.8M 
69.Adele 15.7M
70.Maluma 15.5M 
71.Niall Horan 15.5M 
72.Rita Ora 15.5M 
73.Lorde Art Pop 15.2M 
74.Julia Michaels 15.2M 
75.James Arthur 15.1M 
76.G-Eazy 14.4M 
77.Khalid 14.3M 
78.Logic 14.2M 
79.Big Sean 14.1M 

80.Zara Larsson 14.0M 
81.Nicky Jam 13.7M 
82.MO 13.7M 
83.Harry Styles 13.5M

84.Galantis 13.1M 
85.Migos 12.9M 
86.21 Pilots 12.8M 
87.John Legend 12.8M 
88.Queen 12.8M
89.Flo Rida Party 12.7M 
90.Red Hot Chilli Peppers 12.6M 
91.2 Chainz 12.5M 
92.Matoma 12.5M 
93.Wisin 12.4M 
94.Michael Jackson 12.3M 
95.Alan Walker 12.2M 
96.James Blunt 12.2M 
97.Little 12.1M 
98.Danny Ocean 11.7M
99.Linkin Park 11.6M 
100.Ozuna 11.5M 

Wasn't 55 Eminem?

Eminem is 52 now

Hi yes how did you find this?

How does an artist only have 4 total albums, the latest one being from 2013 (4 years ago) and be the #1 streamed artist (Daddy Yankee-as of 7/17/2017)!?! Wow! Impressive!!

How can I see the most streamed artists of 2016 / 2017 in Brasil?

You cant see that. You can only see the most played songs in your region

There are 27 artists on this list I haven't even heard of before...

1. Daddy Yankee 44.7M
2. Ed Sheeran 43.7M
3. Luis Fonsi 42.1M
4. Calvin Harris 38.7M
5. Dj Khalid 38.3M
6. Drake 37M
7. Imagine Dragons 35.2M
8. David Guetta 34.9M
9. Coldplay 34.4M
10. The Chainsmokers 33.6M

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