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How to request a "This Is" Artist playlist?

How to request a "This Is" Artist playlist?

Is it possible to request a "This Is" Artist playlist? The "This Is" playlist is one of my absolutely favorite features on Spotify for a number of reasons; One, It updates regularly and gives older songs new relevance. Two, it's combines the current most popular songs of the artist and adds a sense of urgency and for a many smaller artist, Three, finally, this playlist a nice way to get their music on an editorial playlist and gives them something to share with their fans. Go, Spotify!


However, I've found multiple established artists, who do not have an official playlist, despite popularity or a great amount of work attached to their Artist Profile: 

- William Orbit  - 8 albums available and 300,000+ monthly listeners (ML)

- Black Violin  - 4 albums available and 380,000+ ML

- Mutya Buena - 100,000+ ML and appears on more than 90 tracks, either Main or Featuring 

- Jazzmeia Horn 

- Siobhan Donaghy 


I ask, since I've stumbled across some random "This Is" playlists, which makes me wonder, what makes Spotify generate them. It can't be a certain amount of albums or songs, since the artist profile for ‘Zooey Deschanel’ has one, that's only 12 track long,  despite the artist never releasing an album. It can't be popularity either, as, *check notes*, erhm, Danish folk singer Frode Veddinge has a "This Is" playlist, despite less than 250 monthly listeners, less than 51 followers and an account that is not verified. 


This is Zooey Deschanel


This is Frode Veddinge

Is there any way to request a "This Is" playlist for your favorite artist? Thanks for any help.

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Hi there @supermoodyman,

thanks for reaching out !


Unfortunately, there isn't a way to request these type of playlists or any other playlists generated and curated by Spotify.


The app holds a "Made For You" section with a verity of playlists generated for each user's type of music.

You can read and learn all about this section here.


Let me know if you have any further questions 🙂

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