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So I don't know how long ago but it was a while ago I found this song I'm pretty sure it's called slow motion potion not by the suicide boys but I remember one line of it which is 'slow motion potion Pop it open now you got me feeling so high" I've searched SoundCloud Spotify YouTube I first found it on Spotify now I can't find it anywhere not even on Google.    SOMEONE PLEASE HELP I NEED TO FIND IT!

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Can you describe the song more? What did the person singing it sound like? Were they male? Was the beat quick? Was there something else about it that caught your attention?

It was more of a slower song and a guy was singing but it was more like in between kind of a rap and also kind of a slow pop song

Is it this?

Nope remember I said one of the lines in the song it's the chorus

It's sung by Jutes and Rubber Buzzard but I believe they had copyright issues which is why you can't find it on spotify or anywhere else. Maybe amazon might have it or apple music but I'm not sure. I still have it in playlists on Spotify but it will not play. 

Hey folks,


As @DuncMcnuggets, some songs, albums or entire artist collections get taken down from the platform. The team usually tries to keep the artists which were previously available, however that is not always possible due to copyright issues.


If the music you'd love to listen to isn't on Spotify, it'd be great for you to try the following:

  • Get in touch with the related artists' label on social media or their site!

  • You can fill out this form to register your interest.

  • In the meantime, you can import local files to your Spotify library.

Hope this helps 🙂



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Hey dude, this song is from an Artist called Jutes, he used to do rap, he then switch to more R&B, then to rap-punk, now to punk. I have all his albums and EPs. Shoot me a message and I can send it to you if you want. 

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