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I can't play this song and it's avaible in Spotify

I can't play this song and it's avaible in Spotify

I want to play this song but when I enter to the app it doesn't show me the song, any solution?

4 Replies

Hey, Mateojustiniano,
Unfortunately, although this song is technically "on" Spotify, from what I can see, it is not available to be played. Sometimes this happens when the artist doesn't allow all songs on an album to be streamed on Spotify. And that's what appears to be the case with that specific song.
The only way to be able to play it on Spotify is if you own the song.

Can you check if you can play this song?
Maybe it's only in the place where I live that I can't play this song.
Btw thanks for answering me

I tried the song... and I wasn't able to play it (and by the way, I live in the U.S.).

Thank you so much for trying... I really like this song 😞

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