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Is Spotify ever mistaken?

Is Spotify ever mistaken?

I've read the standard response whenever someone asks the question about missing tracks - "it must be that the recording artist, label or whoever hasn't licenced it and we hope it will come back soon".   


But is it sometimes that the platform has got it wrong.  For example, Vangelis 1998 album 'El Greco' - most of the tracks are grayed - has someone really consciously decided you can have tracks 4, 6 & 7 but nothing else?


Simarly the Lost Boys OST which is available in full on other platforms, has gaps in it on Spotify.


Just feels like it is easier for Spotify to brush aside support requests without checking to see if there is a problem.


2 Replies

Yes I have seen this too. Though not really a big deal since the songs are available as singles. Being grayed out means that they are not available in your region


And yes Spotify, just like everyone else does not want to take responsibility and will shift the focus of the blame on someone else

Hi @gizwidge And @jomolist,

Extremely Sorry To Know For The Trouble You Are Facing.. Well, I Am Not A Spotify Expert To Answer You Without Any Error.. I Am Just A Fan Of Spotify Or You Can Call Me A Random Listener.. One Thing I Would Like To Share Here That Yes, It Goes To The Record Label / Artist / Music Company / License Agreement Which Song To Be Played.. Even If An Album Has 10 Songs.. If There's Any Restrictions, Spotify Will Only Play Allowed Songs From The Albums.. Cause Whatever Spotify Plays.. Everything Is Legal Here And Are Licensed And Spotify Need to Pay For Each Stream Including Royalties.. No One On Earth Can Blame On Spotify That They Are Streaming Something Not Allowed In Agreement.. Same Happens To Other Streaming Service Too.. Well, Spotify Is New In India.. But Streaming Music In India Is Present From 2010 via GAANA.. And How Long Spotify Didn't Came To India, I Am Used GAANA For Years.. So, I Am A Novice In Using Spotify.. But I Know GAANA Very Well.. They Are Also Music Streaming Service.. And They Also Have Same Limitations Due To Agreement / Artist / License.. To Give You More Info.. In India TIPS Industries Ltd Is A Big Music Producing Company.. So, GAANA Have Not Renewed Their License But Still Streamed.. Actually, The Person Who Look After This.. Got Unaware / Out Or Mind Of The Same Due to COVID 19 Pandemic Troubles.. So, TIPS Industries Has Filed Complaint Against GAANA.. And They Have Taken Down All Their Contents From GAANA.. So, This Is Same With Any Legal / Real / Original Music & Video Streaming Services.. If Artist / Record Label / Music Company / Agreement Do Not Permit.. They Cannot Play Entire Album Or Any Particular Song / Songs On Their Service..

Hope This Might Help You.. If I Am Wrong.. Please Pardon Me..

Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

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