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Is possible to make a playlist like Tim Burton's Exhibition?

Is possible to make a playlist like Tim Burton's Exhibition?


I work in a software company and one of our clients is responsible for some big forum events, here in Brazil.


So, he wants to visitors will be able to hear specific information in specific sectors of the event (in multiple languages). I did remember about TIm Burton's Exhibition where, scanning a QRCode for sector, you're able to listen an specific track in a specific playlist.


My question is: there is any method where I could add this type of playlist (and the specific tracks) in Spotify for events or Tim Burton was an specific case? I researched through the forum and through the Google but I wasn't able to find anything that can help me in this subject.


Any help is appreciated. 🙂



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I wasn't aware of the Tim Burton's Exhibition. Do you have a link to learn more?


I don't believe what you want can be done, at least as a regular Spotify user.

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Hi @osornios, thx for the info!


Yes, this is from an event actually here in Brazil host on a museum (MIS - Museum of Image and Sound) that is about Tim Burton.


Here is the playlist I've mentioned:


Basically, all sectors have a QRCODE. When scanned, a specific track from this playlist is played and you can walk around the sector hearing the info about that specific part of exhibition.


I think that was some special deal between Spotify and the exhibition itself.


Hi there!

This is a very specific support, and advanced lol


I suggest you to send an email to them:

And believe me, they are very quick to answer and very kind!

Tell me if it works and send me the QR code later on! 😉

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