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Jill Gomez - Songs of the Auvergne

Jill Gomez - Songs of the Auvergne

Jill Gomez: absolutely fantastic songstress.

Last time I did a search for her on Spotify, the little circular picture was the cover of her amazing, definitive "Songs of the Auvergne" -- it has, in the last handful of days, been changed to Acis and Galatea.

I was originally curious as to why a non-playable album would be her avatar, but no matter.

Back to the Auvergne.

A search on Spotify would have us believe the album is not in the catalog. Here's a direct link I spotted via a Google search:

Notice that all the links are greyed out?

What's up with that?

It's available on iTunes:

Why can't I play the tracks on Spotify?

Who do I have to bribe?

Who said that?


Thanks for reading!

Even more thanks should anyone have a definitive answer!

WAY more thanks to Spotify for allowing the tracks to be played!

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